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The Aggressor Fleet yachts span the globe with thirteen (13) dive yachts in twelve (12) different countries and the list of exotic destinations keeps growing. The dive yachts continue to feature the finest creature comforts such as DVD players in the staterooms, rental digital cameras, video editing centers, onboard computers and satellite communications. The commitment to service shows through the smiles of the crew members who love their jobs and undergo special training, including annual re-certifications and “safety week” drills. Aggressor is committed to taking safety even further by installing life-saving defibrillators.

A dive vacation is much more than someone handing you a tank, transporting you to a dive site and saying, “Have Fun.” Divers want much more. In 1984 the original Aggressor live-aboard, the Cayman Aggressor, was designed by divers for divers. It had private staterooms, an onboard chef and a slide film processing lab—amenities that were unheard of on recreational dive boats.


Here are just a few things that make Aggressor so special:

  • Experience. Aggressor Fleet has been providing the ultimate in live-aboards since 1984.
  • Safety is Number One. With 13 vessels world-wide, operating every week, Aggressor boasts up to 247,104 dives each year! Through training drills, a rigid Standard Operating Procedure and professional crew, Aggressor yachts have minimized accidents above and below water.
  • Each boat is an independently owned and operated franchise following carefully crafted Standard Operating Procedures. (An SOP that has been copied but not duplicated). Each year, all franchises meet for an annual meeting to exchange ideas.
  • Familiar faces. Many crew members and Captains have 5-10 years on board the same boat. They just love their job. Who wouldn’t like an office in paradise?
  • Flexibility. Aggressor offers something for everyone. From photo workshops, celebrity charters to family weeks and humpback whale snorkeling trips, Aggressor has variety and flexibility.


The Aggressor Timeline:

Many Aggressor yachts were replaced and upgraded over the years and went from Aggressor I to II to III and even IV. Following is the history since 1984:

  • 1984 Cayman Aggressor, cruises into Georgetown Harbor offering divers liveaboard amenities never seen before including E-6 film processing lab.
  • 1986 Cayman Aggressor II
  • 1987 Belize Aggressor
  • 1987 Cayman Aggressor III
  • 1988 Okeanos Aggressor
  • 1988 Antilles Aggressor (became Bay Islands Aggressor 1989)
  • 1989 Kona Aggressor
  • 1989 Bay Islands Aggressor
  • 1990 Truk Aggressor (became the North Sulawesi Aggressor 2005)
  • 1991 Belize Aggressor II
  • 1992 Turks & Caicos Aggressor
  • 1993 Palau Aggressor
  • 1993 Galapagos Aggressor I
  • 1995 Galapagos Aggressor II
  • 1996 Belize Aggressor III
  • 1996 Bay Islands Aggressor III
  • 1997 Fiji Aggressor (became the Tahiti Aggressor 2002)
  • 1997 Sere Ni Wai (became the Fiji Aggressor II 2002)
  • 1998 Cayman Aggressor IV
    Family Weeks Begin
  • 1999 Red Sea Aggressor (ceased operations 9/2001)
  • 1999 Bay Islands Aggressor IV (ceased operations in 2005)
  • 2002 Tahiti Aggressor
  • 2002 Fiji Aggressor II
  • 2003 Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
  • 2004 Photo Departments go Digital
  • 2005 North Sulawesi Aggressor
  • 2006 Utila Aggressor






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